Green Manure Mix

A Soil Fixer

Green manure is grown specifically to be dug back into the soil, to return nutrients to the soil. Green manure can improve soil that has been depleted from prior crops or provide the perfect preparation for new crops that may be nutrient hungry. Green manure also improves soil structure, water retention and draws minerals up through the soil profile, making them more available to plants.

Advantages of Green Manure:

Improving Soil Structure.

Weed Suppression.

Adding Nutrients through mulching.

Soil Protection.

Improve disease resistance through better pest control

Green Manure Mix consists of:

Oats are good for overcrowding any weeds that may germinate. The fibrous roots are also good at breaking up soil.

Faba beans are excellent for nitrogen fixing and can effectively break the lifecycle of cereal root diseases like take-all, and crown rot. Their shallow root system, combined with a shorter growing season, means that soil moisture at depth is not fully extracted.

Vetch - Vetch is valued for its benefits to following cereal and oilseed crops in the rotation which are usually greater than from other pulses.

Pricing for Green Manure Mix

$5.50 plus GST per kg for less than 25kg

$4.88 plus GST per kg for 25kg or more

$122 plus GST for 25kg bag


Recommended sowing time                   Autumn

Pasture Sowing Rate:                            50-75 kg/ha

Autumn, Winter & Spring active varieties

Recommended Rainfall rate:                 350 mm+