Kikuyu Lawn seed

Kikuyu is one of Australia's most popular lawns. Being hardy, drought tolerant and easy to establish it remains a top competitor when you are looking for a lawn that can handle heavier traffic and keeps it dark green color for longer. Whittet is a newer variety that offers a dense lawn with medium texture and will tolerate poor and low fertility soils. Rural Jack's Whittet Kikuyu is covered in a special coating and is sold as pure seed (no other grasses mixed in with it)

Pricing for Coated Whittet Kikuyu

$79.30 plus GST per 1kg Bucket

$74.70 plus GST for 2-5kg

$69.20 plus GST for orders above 5kg


Recommended soil temperature:           18C+

Pasture Sowing Rate:                            2-4kgs/ha

Lawn Sowing Rate:                          0.5-1kg /100sqm

Recommended Rainfall rate:                 400mm+