Aplha1 Lucerne

The King of Forages!

SGI Alpha 1 lucerne was bred from Australian, USA and Argentinian germplasm and was selected for increased winter activity, fast establishment, and finer stems with high leaf to stem ratio and improved disease and pest resistance. The increased leaf to stem ratio will also give higher protein and digestibility.

SGI Alpha 1 displays strong autumn and winter/spring growth with vigorous recovery from cutting or grazing, this is an advantage in close grazed pastures and intensive forage cutting programs.

Independant trials has shown Alpha 1 as one of the best yielding varieties at extreme dry conditions.

Pricing for Alpha1 Lucerne

$16.45 plus GST per kg for less than 25kg

$ 15.31 Plus GST per kg for 25kg or more


Recommended sowing rates (Kg/ha)

Dryland <400mm rain              4-6Kg

Dryland 400-600mm ra           6-10kg

Dryland >600mm ra               12-15kg

Irrigation                                   15-25kg