SouWest Pasture Mix

For Grazing Silage and Hay

This versatile mix offers good results on a wide variety of soil types and can be sown at the start of the season to provide a long grazing season due to the early, mid and late flowering varieties that is present. Souwest is a excellent choice for sheep and cattle pasture and provides an abundance of high quality feed for longer!

Ensure plants are not prone to pulling then graze at 6 to 8cm high to increase tiller density. Then implement a rotational grazing program through winter and spring. Cut mid spring for silage, late spring for hay or lock up for seed set.

Souwest pasture mix™ has the following varieties:

Roper deep rooted perennial ryegrass that can work as an annual or a perennial where there is adequate summer moisture

Abundant Tetraploid ryegrass, high quality, high yielding and long growing season

Black and White seeded Subterranean clovers will produce across a wide range of soils and farming systems

Aerial seeded clovers, Arrowleaf, Balansa, Crimson, and Persian clovers provide a continuity of early and later feed

A pasture mix that was developed to suit a wide range of farming systems and soils types in the 550mm plus rainfall zones. This mix contains proven varieties that have been selected to perform in our unique WA environment of soils and farming conditions through the medium to high rainfall zones.

The Souwest pasture mix is ideally suited to a broad range of farmers whom are looking for a blend of ryegrass and clover that will provide a balanced pasture during the growing season. Where managed appropriately the Souwest pasture mix should continue to provide high quality pasture into the following years.

Pricing for Souwest Pasture Mix

$10.75 plus GST per kg for less than 25kg

$9.68 plus GST per kg for 25kg or more

$242 plus GST for 25kg bag


Recommended sowing time                   Autumn

Pasture Sowing Rate:                            18-25 kg/ha

Autumn, Winter & Spring active varieties

Recommended Rainfall rate:                 550 mm+