Speedie Couch

Extreme drought Tolerant

Speedie Couch is a Spreading grass ideal for warm dry climates where heavy traffic from sports, pets etc. needs self repairing lawn

Advise on Speedie Couch

Pure Couch seed - no other grasses mixed in

Speedie germination starter for a boost when necessary

Excellent wear and tear & ideal for high traffic areas

Extreme drought tolerant with underground & above ground runners making it a quick repairing lawn

Lawn, sport fields, paddock cover

De-hulled for quick germination

Needs warm soils approx 20 degree Celsius for germination

Sow 100kg per ha for sport fields & 7-10 kg per ha in pasture

Pricing for Speedie Couch

$40.91 plus GST per kg for 1kg bucket

$38.96 plus GST per kg for 2-5kg

$886.88 plus GST for 25kg bag

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Recommended sowing at soil temperature 20+ C

Pasture Sowing Rate:                            7-10 kg/ha

Recommended Rainfall rate:                 600 mm+